A little about Dan and Steve, Co-owners of Just BU Properties...

Daniel Scharfenberg and Steven Flinn of Just BU Properties met on the playground of rural DeLong Elementary School when the Brady Bunch was shown weekly on prime time and hand held communicators were the stuff of science fiction. While their classmates played tag and capture the flag, Dan and Steve would spend recess discussing a vision of providing off-campus student housing opportunities. During class we’d pass notes, share ideas, and ultimately come closer and closer to refining our model. Ha! Not really of course.

From the close family farms where we grew up, to canoe trips on the Spoon River, riding dirt bikes all summer long, sharing detention in the Principles office, and ultimately graduating from Bradley University in 1983; Dan and Steve have had a close friendship that dates back more than 40 years.

As is nearly always the case, different professions took them in different directions. Dan became an Art Director and Steve an Account Manager. Dan’s foray into Student Housing was his purchase of a duplex on Barker Avenue whereby he rented one of the apartments to BU students. This was 20 years ago. Several years passed before Steve jumped into the Student Rental market. Dan has remained a resident of the Moss-Bradley community while Steve and his wife Susan have raised 3 children in nearby Elmwood. Steve’s connection to Bradley is furthered with one son having graduated from Bradley.

To many of you reading this, living off-campus is an unknown experience. You may feel you are entering a place of uncertainty and risk. We understand this.

Our principles are pretty straightforward: it’s the Golden Rule. Additionally, someone once said that 75% of many things in life are doing what you say you are going to do; we agree. Also believe that one’s credibility is the most valuable asset a person possesses. We learned this from the families that raised us, the playground at DeLong Elementary, our teachers, and at our Alma Mater; Bradley University.

Dan Scharfenberg (L) and Steven Flinn (R ) at Deal's Gap NC

Dan Scharfenberg (L) and Steven Flinn (R ) at Deal's Gap NC