1606 Ayres
3 Bedroom Rental House

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Breaking News: 1606 Ayres now has CENTRAL AIR Conditioning.

1606 Ayres at the corner of Ayres and Glenwood: Proof that some things do get better with age! This 3-4 bedroom home was a shambles just a few years ago. Renovations to the main bathroom, the addition of a 2nd 3/4 bath, a complete gutting of the kitchen and carpet, paint, stain, doors, plumbing everywhere and it was topped it off with a new roof (pun intended and you'd be surprised how many old houses have leaking roofs).

Along with 2 bathrooms and a new kitchen, with new appliance and dishwasher, 1606 has a nice side porch, big living room that opens into the dining room, open staircase, lots of on street parking, some off street parking, a much better than average basement, free laundry, key locked bedroom doors, and a beautiful fire place.

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