407 Glenwood Avenue
5 Bedroom Rental House

Contact Steve: 309.231.7920 or steve@jbuprop.com

407 Glenwood Ave. is a 5 bedroom house that can be rented as a 4 bedroom. It is located just south of Callender Ave. not too far from Moss Ave and Bradley University. 

The upstairs of 407 Glenwood was thoroughly updated few years ago and features beautiful hardwood floors, French doors, steal entry doors, all new energy efficient windows. Recent renovations included a complete kitchen and bathroom makeover as well. The upstairs features an awesome 2nd floor deck which overlooks tree lined Glenwood and Moss Avenue.

The main floor at 407 Glenwood contains a bath, kitchen and 3 bedrooms. As with the 2nd floor, the main floor has all new energy efficient replacement windows with double latches and steel entry doors. Laundry is on the main floor too so there is no need to go into the basement.

The house has central air conditioning, an new energy efficient furnace and includes tank-less, on-demand, hot water. An on demand water heater controls your costs and you will never, ever, run out of hot water. Parking is on street but no permit is required and many BU students live next to and across the street from 407 Glenwood.

If your group contains 4 or 5 students and you looking for an idyllic location, contact me for a tour of 407 Glenwood.