402 Glenwood Avenue

3 Bedroom House

Contact Steve: 309.231.7920 or steve@jbuprop.com

402 Glenwood Avenue; perhaps a bit out of place amid the back drop of  the palatial homes on Moss Avenue, is this quaint, red Cape Cod home.   It’s simple really.  402 Glenwood is a fine, attractive 3 bedroom home with the essentials; kitchen, living room, bathroom and (free) laundry. Oh, there is also a screened in porch that is very much enjoyed.  There is no parlor, formal dining room, vestibule, butlers pantry, den, music room, library, court yard or other space which needs to be maintained, heated and cooled.  This means that you get the space you need without having the space you don’t need making it easier and inexpensive to take care of; cheaper to heat, cheaper to cool.  And it’s easy to cool due to its central air conditioning.

The bedrooms are nice sized (not huge, not small), the bathroom has plenty of storage along with a claw foot tub/shower, and hard wood floors are found nearly everywhere.  The kitchen isn’t state of the art but it’s not ancient either.  There is plenty of storage and counter space, the fridge has an ice maker and it all works well.

The location is a couple of blocks from Fredonia, a half block from Moss and directly in the shade. Best of all this property is very close to Bradley University.